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Human Design Reading: $80

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Discover the person you were deisgned to be!

I need your name, birth date, time and place of birth.

Full Name
Birth: Date + Time + Place

Your report will be emailed within four weeks.

Personal Chinese Numerology Reading:  $50 

I need your full name given to you at birth (the name on your birth certificate) and your birth date.  

NOTE: If you were born in January or February I also need your time of birth.

Full Name (Given at birth)
Birth Date (Day/Month/Year)

Your report will be emailed within four weeks.

(Includes your Personal Kua Number and best directions to sleep and work)

Chinese Numerology Yearly Updates: $10

If you've already received a Chinese Numerology Reading from me and you require a yearly update for the next twelve months - it's available here. 

Full Name
Date of Birth day/month/year

Your update will be emailed within two weeks.

How compatible are you and your partner?

Add Compatibility Rating:  $10

This addition to your Personal Chinese Numerology Reading includes areas that you support each other, the focus of your life paths, traits in common and your Feng Shui compatibility.

As you are ordering a Chinese Numerology Reading from me, I'll also need your partner's full name given at birth (the name on the birth certificate) and the birth date.  

NOTE: If born in January or February I also need the time of birth.

Full name given at birth
Birth date (day/month/year)

Safe and secure.  PayPal, the #1 online payment service.  Your credit card details are never displayed.

Your report will be emailed within two weeks.

Personal Card Reading

Sometimes we need a little encouragement or the comfort of some wise advice.  A reading might ease your situation, or give you the answers you're looking for.  Three cards are pulled from the deck.  The first refers to your past, the second refers to the present and the third refers to your future.

By email $20

  • Choose messages from Angels, Archangels, Goddesses or Fairies.
  • I'll pull three cards for you and email you the messages.

Messages from:
This reading is for (name):
Safe and secure.  PayPal, the #1 online payment service.  Your credit card details are never displayed.

OR in person $40

  • As I am visiting you for other services, request a reading when you book your appointment.
  • At Riverside Healing Centre, near Shelburne, Ontario

Fractal Energy Card Reading

Healer Heal Thyself!

Experience a profound spiritual reading from your 'Higher Self'

Tap into the guidance and insight into your Soul's purpose, inner gifts and spiritual advancement.

Introducing Fractal Energy Destiny Cards - a higher vibration than regular cards - for energy healing professionals and those on the path of spiritual advancement. 

Fractals are one of the 'new tools' on the planet today to aid us into Ascension


This is a quick way to receive answers to questions such as "What should my next step be?" or "What does Spirit want me to know?"


Shows what is in the near future based on you actions and the influencing factors surrounding you.

Soul Path

For a deeper understanding of lessons being learned both spiritually and earthly.  Used for a general overview of your path.

  • Available by email
  • Type of Reading

Also Available in person

Guidance $40

Upcoming $45

Soul Path $50

Ancient Amulets

Healing Gemstone Jewellery - Magical Amulets for Strength, Success, Intuition or Protection

This line of hand-crafted gemstone jewellery was born from my use of these stones in crystal healing.  These same types of gemstones are used in my healing sessions.  While the stones are being worn, a healing is taking place for the person wearing it. 

  • Every piece is one-of-a-kind!

  • Every stone is energized with Reiki healing energy

 Enter the Ancient Amulets Store


Do you know someone who would love my services? You can purchase a PayPal gift certificate for any denomination!

  • Gift certificates are redeemable toward the cost of any service offered by Debra Jones.
  • Add a personal message on the gift certificate itself
  • Gift certificates do not expire and do not accrue maintenance fees

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