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Debra Jones ~ Interview with Dabsters

(Dabster: 'One who is proficient - a skilled master - an expert in their field')

Debra Jones (a.k.a. The Geomancer) began her path as a holistic healer in 1996 focusing on Feng Shui. After studying under the world-renowned Master Joseph Yu, she took on the title of Geomancer—one who works with earth’s energy. After years of intense studies, both independently and as a student, her path has led her to Reiki, where she is now both Master and Teacher. Her success is anchored by her patience, curiosity, and extraordinary intuition. Join us as we learn more about these mysterious, but effective, healing techniques, along with many other unique services Debra has to offer.

What exactly is a Geomancer?

Feng Shui is also known as Geomancing in China. A Geomancer is someone who practices Fung Shui (Pronounced Fung Shway). When I discovered that, I thought it would be an appropriate name for my business. Geomancy involves working with earth’s energy— assessing, manipulating and balancing it, ultimately creating harmony. I also work with energies of the body. I’m a Reiki Master—it’s all tied in together. If your body/mind/spirit and your environment are balanced then your whole life is balanced.

So, how does Feng Shui work?

It’s known as the ancient art of placement for the optimum flow of energy. It has to do with the way things feel, both consciously and unconsciously. If you think of energy as water running through a building, the concern lies with the flow of ‘water’ (energy) and whether it’s blocked in any way. Feng Shui requires going into a home or office and assessing its energy. With my skills and knowledge I can assess the energy of a space, whether it’s good or bad, and what objects need to move. Good Feng Shui makes you feel in harmony in that space. Feng Shui’ing your home affects all areas of your life – your health, wealth, relationships, marriage, children, creativity, career, fame, knowledge and spirituality. Feng Shui’ing your business affects productivity, relationships (both within and outside of the company), business growth and financial success.

How do you go about your initial room or space assessment?

I use the initial visit to ‘measure-up’ the client’s space. I need to check for Geopathic stress. I’ll explain. There is a grid system of energy that runs through the earth. Where the lines cross there is negative energy—so it’s important to locate those lines. ‘Measuring-up’ entails doing a scale floor plan so that when I detect where these crossings are, I can put it down on paper. We can then avoid putting beds or desks here. Geopathic Stress doesn’t cause any illness but if you have an existing illness, your body would be fighting this negative energy caused by the crossed lines, instead of focusing on healing the body. This process isn’t exactly Feng Shui, but when studying it, I realized I could not do Feng Shui without considering Geopathic Stress. Some people are more in-tune with this energy than others. For example, if infants favour one side of the crib, it’s probably because they are trying to avoid this Geopathic Stress. So if you move your bed away from this negative energy, you’re likely to get a better night’s sleep allowing your body a chance to heal itself.

What other services do you offer?

Chinese Numerology is numerology based on the numbers in your birth-date, whereas Western Numerology is based on the letters in your name. The numbers hold energy and their combination has meaning. The different combinations can reveal the positive and negative traits of your personality; they also tell me about your best directions which is required information, when used to assess your Feng Shui. I can also determine what kind of year you’re having, your focus for each month, and basically, your life path—why you are here. This can all be determined just from the numbers of your birth-date. I also do space clearing which clears the negative energy in a house. Sometimes there has been a death in the family, or a major argument—leaving negative energy imprints on the house. If I feel that type of energy, there are ancient rituals that can clear that energy. I use a smudge stick, made from herbs, that emits smoke; once lit, the smoke moves the energy out. Different herbs are dedicated to different energy, so I choose what I need and use them together to clear the negative energy and bring in the positive energy. I also do crystal healing and chakra balancing, using different coloured gemstones that have properties that change the energy in the body. I also provide re-connective healing for rapid advancement towards spiritual enlightenment.  It clears the pathways and accelerates your self-healing processes.  It helps to detoxify and clear the blocks of the mind, body and spirit so that you can embrace your true purpose and authentic self.

What is involved in being a Reiki Master?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is energy healing for the body. I am attuned to an energy that can funnel through me, to be taken from my hands into the client’s body. I place my hands over the body so it can take that concentrated healing energy to wherever the body needs it. Clients don’t have to consciously do it—it just happens. There are three levels of Reiki that I teach, if clients want to learn how to do it for themselves. Basically, Reiki puts you in a state of deep consciousness, and in this relaxed state, you allow the body to heal itself. I also teach my clients visualization & meditation techniques so they can attain that relaxed feeling on their own, whenever they feel stressed. Where Feng Shui balances the home, Reiki balances the body.

How would our readers choose the healing method that’s right for them?

When you are drawn to a particular method of healing; when it sparks an interest, try it!  All of these techniques are gentle processes and are designed to allow your own body to take as much healing as it needs.  All that is required from you, is that you allow the healing to take place, and you’ve done that - when you make the appointment!

What should our readers do if they would like to learn more?

There is a lot of information on my website. When your readers are ready, they can call or email for a Feng Shui consultation or healing session.  I would be honoured to be of service to your readers!


·        Feng Shui can help with: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Marriage, Children, Creativity, Career, Fame, Knowledge & Spirituality

·        Reiki can: help relieve pain, increase vitality, promote better sleep, reduce blood pressure, support the immune system, support spiritual growth and emotional clearing

"If your body and your environment are balanced, then your whole life is balanced!"  



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