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Our ENVIRONMENT mirrors our inner-self - FENG SHUI changes one, to create a positive shift in the other  

What is Feng Shui?

(pronounced: Fung Shway) [FONG SHOY if you're Cantonese and FUNG SHWEE if you're from other parts of China!]) 

  • It means wind & water and is a 4,000-year-old tradition of art and science 
  • It is the practice of placement, arrangement and enhancement of the space, to achieve harmony with the environment
  • We are all connected to our environment.  Our homes and businesses are an expression of who we are, and what is going on in our lives
  • Feng Shui incorporates an awareness of how our environments affect us
  • Feng Shui removes obstacles that prevent us from manifesting our dreams and desires
  • It can have a dramatic impact on your health

Feng Shui can be used:

  • When buying a property
  • To sell a home or a business
  • In community planning
  • In architectural design

Feng Shui should also be used when there is a

  • Change in life goals
  • Change in family

Simple changes can make a big difference in many life areas

There are 9 Life Areas used in Feng Shui:

  • Career & life path
  • Knowledge & wisdom
  • Family, health & community
  • Wealth, prosperity & abundance
  • Achievement & reputation
  • Relationships, romance & marriage
  • Children & creativity
  • Friends & travel
  • Harmony & balance

The goal of Feng Shui is to create harmony, beauty & balance in all of these areas

The process of Feng Shui is to:

  • Assess the environment
  • Identify & remove obstacles
  • Create natural flow
  • Energize the environment

This is done by clearing the space, arranging furniture, colour selection & adding enhancements.  All this is designed to honour and create your intention

To get started with Feng Shui all you need is:

  • The desire to transform your life 
  • The willingness to take action

Take action today!

Debra Jones

(519) 925-3489 (Ontario Canada)


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Feng Shui work?

Every environment, object and person holds a vibration with which you interact.  When this energy is analyzed it can be manipulated to ensure this vibration is in harmony with yours.  If you want an easier, more enjoyable life, all you need to do is remove the blockages that are in your way.

Is Feng Shui based on a religion?

No, Feng Shui is based on nature and can compliment any religion or spirituality

Will I have to spend a lot of money?

No, the changes will be easy.  You probably have everything you'll need already

Will I have to do much?

It will take some work and dedication you your part to follow through on the process, but know that with every small change you make, you will feel better, stronger, and have the energy to do and accomplish even more.

Will I have to remodel?

No, simple changes are usually all that is needed.

How do I choose a practitioner that's right for me?

Go with your instincts!

If, what the practitioner suggests, makes sense to you, and you feel good about the changes he/she proposes, you've found a match!  However, if placing a statue of Buddha near your front door, putting red Avery labels on your walls, hanging red-tasseled bamboo flutes over your doorways and placing a 'green cylindrical object on your roof, to draw in nurturing wood energy' are a bit far from your own decorating style  - dismiss your practitioner.  (Payment does NOT have to be enclosed in red envelopes either!)

Besides, TRUE Feng Shui remedies utilize only the five elements - Water, Earth, Fire, Metal and Wood, and not such things as mirrors, flutes, incense or prayers!


The underlying principle of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with your environment so that the energy surrounding you - works for you, rather than against you.  It affects every aspect of life and the way it is applied can be either beneficial or detrimental to the way you live.

Selling a home?

Most people have already decided on a home the minute they step in the door.  Without even seeing the entire home yet - they know whether or not they want to buy it!


Feng Shui is about harnessing and re-directing the positive energy or Chi, while dispelling the negative energy within your home.  Your home is continually sending out vibes. Potential buyers are clever at noticing them - good or bad!  If your home is throwing off even the slightest bit of negative energy, your potential buyers will notice.  Peace and harmony are two feelings that drive buyers to make offers.  


Buying a home?

When you move into your new home, you'll want to ensure that any negative energy of previous owners is removed so that you can enjoy GOOD luck!  Energy can remain in houses and on land from previous owners, from conflict or illness, or from trapped spirit energy.


Space Clearing is a highly specialized branch of Feng Shui that works at even deeper levels to clear and energize the energies of buildings.  It releases this energy and infuses a new vibrancy that allows your home to support you in moving forward with clarity and purpose, sustaining your vitality, your general well-being, and a sense of ease and fulfillment. It transforms the atmosphere of the space, making it comfortable, welcoming and uplifting.

'How fortunate we were to have found Debra Jones when we were embarking on selling our large country home in April 2009. Debra looked at every aspect of the home, from colors to quadrants to furniture placement. Applying feng shui principles, Debra recommended changing the paint colours in our dining and living rooms, moved furniture around, conducted a house clearing which included dousing and smudging, and explained why we had (curiously) never felt comfortable in that home before. Our "newly enhanced" home sold within a month with only one viewing.

We called upon Debra again as soon as we had moved into our new house. She was instrumental in helping us turn a much smaller home into one that is not only comfortable, but has great energy. And part of that energy has been channeled into increasing the revenue of our home-based business, which we have managed with noticeably less effort, leaving more time for relaxation and shared interests.

Debra ‘s highly developed skills as a geomancer and feng shui practitioner have helped us personally and professionally in so many ways. With her deep wisdom, sense of aesthetics, and gentle nature, she has addressed our concerns, been sensitive to our needs, and encouraged us to take risks without imposing anything upon us. She clearly explained the reasoning behind her recommendations, then empowered us in a decision-making process that was both positive and engaging. 

Debra’s warmth, calm temperament, and quiet sense of humour made a potentially stressful experience one that we eagerly anticipated and greatly enjoyed. Thank you so much, Debra, for your kindness, and for your many gifts that keep on giving.'

LD- Hockley

A home is seen as similar to the human body

It needs   
  • To breathe
  • To be fed
  • To digest
  • To get rid of stuff that isn’t needed for any positive function of the organism  
The flow of Chi (life energy) shouldn’t be too direct and shouldn’t come to a standstill anywhere.

Yin and Yang and the  Five Elements (water, wood, metal, earth & fire) should always be in harmony.

People who live in such a home:

  • Will be influenced by those balanced energies
  • Will be supported
  • Will find it easier to live healthy, loving and balanced lives

Feng Shui Services Available

  • Universal Flow $900
  • Life Balance $600
  • Grass Roots $300
  • Off-Site $400
Add travel fee $0.50/km
Email for appointment
Off-Site Consultation $400
Email for appointment

Feng Shui Packages:


Universal Flow





The ULTIMATE Feng Shui balancing and harmonizing package, using traditional Feng Shui principles, Geomancy & Chinese Numerology.  The chi quality of your home or office is assessed.   Harmful Geopathic Stress Zones and electromagnetic fields are detected using Dowsing rods and electronic gauss meter. On my second visit, if required, geopathic stress will be cleared using a variety of Space Clearing methods depending on the environmental assessment.  The Personal Chinese Numerology Report provides an accurate character analysis, purpose in life and an indication of positive/negative times to make major life changes within the next 12 months, the focus of your life at this time and in your future, and the focus of the next 12 months.  This package is highly recommended in order to attain complete balance and harmony.

$900 Includes an initial 2 hour visit and a personal 90 minute visit:

  • Detailed measuring of your home or business

  • Dowsing for Geopathic Stress lines

  • Electromagnetic field detection

  • Two personal Chinese Numerology Reports

  • Written Feng Shui report - personally explained, in detail, and questions answered.  Includes a floor plan of your home or office, indicating compass directions and geopathic stress lines 

  • If required, a complete Space Clearing will be performed during my second visit

  • Email consultation for 3 months


Life Balance



This package will harmonize your home or office by using traditional Feng Shui principles.  It will create a healthy environment for positive change in all areas of your life.

$600 Includes one 2 hour visit:

  • Detailed measuring of your home or business

  • Dowsing for Geopathic Stress lines

  • Mailed Written Feng Shui report.  Includes a floor plan of your home or office, indicating compass directions and geopathic stress lines 

  • Email consultation for 1 month


Grass Roots


This package will point you in the right direction to begin to use Feng Shui at your home or office.  It will assist you in creating your own place of harmony and balance.

$300 Includes a one hour visit:

  • A personal Chinese Numerology Report with best directions for sleeping, working and your ideal house/office directions

  • Walk-through with verbal recommendations of furniture placement for optimum Feng Shui energy flow

  • Written basic Feng Shui tips, based on the house/office direction

Email to arrange your Feng Shui appointment

(all prices in Canadian Dollars)

OFF-SITE (Distance)

World Grid

Off-Site Feng Shui consultations are, in essence, the same as on-site consultations, except for the fact you need to send me your floor plan and photos.
If you do not live in Ontario, Canada area, I can help you with an off-site Feng Shui analysis. However, I always encourage prospects to find a good local Feng Shui consultant. If you require an off-site Feng Shui analysis, I'll need the following information:

1. Your Address
2. Your Floor Plan with the North-South axis (an accurate, clear drawing including closets, cabinets, furniture and appliances)
3. Colour photos of your Home or Office
4. The Names and Dates of Birth for Family Members or Key Business People
5. Year of construction (also year of any major reconstruction or additions)
6. The Consultation Payment
by (see below)

You can expect your Feng Shui analysis to be ready in approx 4 weeks. 
Your written analysis report will be mailed to you.

Off-Site Feng Shui service 

$400 payable by Paypal

Birth date
Full Address

Also Available:

  • Business Feng Shui 

Any business can have their bottom line improved by using Feng Shui.  It can attract new customers and improve the quality of the working environment.  Working as a team and getting along are characteristics that must be in place for an office or business to keep improving.  Feng Shui can create an environment in which these qualities are fostered and nurtured.

A business consultation is handled much like a residential consultation but with profitability, motivation and relationships as the primary focus.

Reasonable prices, based on the listed packages, depending on the size of the location and number of employees.

Business Feng Shui *ONTARIO RESIDENTS*
From $400
Add travel fee $0.50/km
Email for appointment
Business Feng Shui *WORLDWIDE*
Off-Site Consultation from $400
Email for details

Debra Jones - Feng Shui Expert (Dabster's 2008)

Dabster: 'One who is proficient - a skilled master - an expert in their field'

Debra Jones -The Geomancer - uses a combination of the Compass & Form Schools of Feng Shui, also known as TRADITIONAL Feng Shui.

She can also perform a geopathic stress analysis of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) present in your environment, and can reduce their harmful effects.

Feng Shui, a mystical belief or a natural science?

Feng Shui is a body of knowledge that has developed and grown for thousands of years.  Originally, it was the exclusive knowledge of the Court Meteorologists of Imperial China, until, over time, it was leaked to help the common people, and is now used by enlightened people all over the world. Feng Shui is not based on any religion, mysticism or superstition.  It is a mathematical science.  Feng Shui is based on four aspects:

  1. Building

  2. Environment

  3. People

  4. Time

Feng Shui can be shown to be both a science and an art.  The 'science' is the detailed analysis of the four aspects using mathematical calculations.  The 'art' is the experience of how to best implement the remedies.  Today, unfortunately, there is much hearsay, superstition and nonsense about Feng Shui, yet Feng Shui makes complete sense and is based on logic and scientific principles.

The Pa Kua (or Ba Gua)

One important Feng Shui formula concerns the eight main life Aspirations, corresponding to the four cardinal Directions and the four inter-cardinal Directions of the compass (Lo Pan).  Each of these Aspirations is symbolized in the octagonal shaped Pa Kua, one of the most basic Feng Shui tools, which identifies where the particular Aspirational locations lie in your home or workplace, allowing you to energize them as required.  This will stimulate positive chi flow and create good Feng Shui for you.

Pa Kua

  • Career & life path
  • Knowledge & wisdom
  • Family, health & community
  • Wealth, prosperity & abundance
  • Achievement & reputation
  • Relationships, romance & marriage
  • Children & creativity
  • Friends & travel
  • Harmony & balance

Schools of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years.  Since then, various trends of Feng Shui have developed.  Although the basic principles remain the same, each one has a slightly different approach to the subject:

Form School

  • Focuses predominantly on the contours of physical landscapes, their shape, size and watercourse, and the relationship between the physical formations and a dwelling.

  • The four Directions of the compass are symbolized by the four celestial animals; the Green Dragon (East), the Red Phoenix (South), the White Tiger (West) and the Black Turtle (North).  More information...

Traditional Chinese Compass School

  • Originated in China over 3,000 years ago, with the first textual reference mentioned in 256BCE (Before Christian Era)

  • Based on a scientific, formulaic approach to Feng Shui which is thousands of years old.

  • Career sector of the Eight Trigrams is always oriented to the magnetic North.  More information...

[The above methods are practiced by The Geomancer]

Black Hat Sect (BHS) Tantric Buddhist

A more recent school of thought, which is widely practiced in the U.S.A.  Developed in 1986 by Thomas Lin Yun, it is a hybrid of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and Feng Shui simplified for Western tastes.  It has a huge cult following.

With this school of Feng Shui, rather than using the traditional magnetic compass (Lo Pan) to determine directions, each house or room is judged from the position of it's door.  BHS Feng Shui states that the main door to each room faces the career sector.  This may result in adjacent rooms or houses having apparently contradictory directions.

  • Popularized in America since 1986

  • Based on a more spiritual approach to Feng Shui

  • Refers to the Eight Trigrams as the 'Ba Gua'

  • Career sector of the Eight Trigrams is always oriented to the main door.

More information:

The Tai Chi (Yin Yang)

                            Yin Yang

                            Yin Yang

This is the famous Tai Chi symbol, representing many of the basic ideas of Taoist philosophy.  It is the Chinese perspective of balance and continual change.

*This symbol holds the key to ascertain the qualifications of a good practitioner!*

Yin and Yang are dependent opposites that must always be in balance.  The opposites flow in a natural cycle - always replacing the other.  Just as the seasons cycle and create a time of heat or cold, Yin and Yang cycles through active and passive, dark and light, etc..

Yin and Yang can be further explained as a duality that cannot exist without both parts.  Within Yang, there is a small piece of Yin.  Within Yin, there is a small piece of Yang.  Just as in winter, a seed lays in wait to become life, so is Yang waiting within Yin for it's turn.

Much of Taoist philosophy is based on the idea that everything goes in cycles - the years, the months, the seasons, even human life itself.  These cycles are represented by the circle of the Tai Chi, and the flow of time is indicated by the way the Yin and the Yang areas increase and decrease as they progress around the symbol.

                         Highest Yang

Increasing YangYin YangIncreasing Yin

                         Highest Yin

The Seasons

The four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - are linked to Yin and Yang.

  • Spring - the time of new growth, and increasing Yang

  • Summer - the time of greatest heat, and highest Yang

  • Autumn - as the year cools, increasing Yin

  • Winter - the coldest time, highest Yin


SpringYin YangAutumn


Based on the above representations of the Yin and Yang meanings - there is only ONE correct orientation of the Tai Chi.  The one where the cool sinks and the heat rises.  (The black at the base and the white at the top).  You should also notice that just as a clock spins clockwise, so would the yin/yang - 'head' first!

Any other orientation may represent Yin and Yang, but does not properly represent the philosophy behind the symbol.  Without understanding the conceptual view of Yin and Yang, one cannot properly utilize the five elements.  

Since the five elements are the basis of the energetic representations and are (should be) the only remedies utilized in Feng Shui, next time you see an incorrect version of the Tai Chi, question the information you receive!

An informed consumer is a smart consumer!


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