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EMF & Cancer
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Dave Hook

Canada's Funniest new Comedian tells a not so funny story about cell phones and cancer. By John Coates

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dave Hook"
To: "Contact Form" <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 2:15 PM
Subject: Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

On Friday Sept 18th 2003 I had a doctors appointment in London to discuss the results of my August 29 2003 MRI results. (Brain pictures) My doctor informed me that my tumor has not grown since my initial Scan in January 2003 nor during my second scan in June and now this my third scan. This is indeed good news for myself and to you, unless you have me in your dead pool, and then I apologize again.

This by no means is a clean bill of health or that I am out of the woods by any stretch, but it is a good sign.

I must tell you I am contemplating a lawsuit against Rogers ATT wireless, and am looking for legal representation. Before you right me off as a nut, I hope you will indulge me in looking over the facts leading up to and during my initial diagnoses.

In April 2002 I started getting an odd sensation in my left foot, just some slight weakness that then gradually turned into a very prominent weakness causing me to drag my foot during walking and stair climbing. I went to a boxing gym to work out in October of last year, just to train a little, when it became apparent to me that my left hand was also becoming increasingly weak.

This was a red flag to myself that this was maybe more serious than I had assumed and that I could not put off any longer seeing my doctor. She made some appointments with some other specialists and was told I should have a CT brain scan that would tell me if there was anything physically wrong with my brain. As it turned out they found a mass and a more detailed picture (MRI) confirmed it indeed was a tumor. I was told there was no way to determine the tumor type: Malignant (cancer) or :Benign still shitty, but better, without a tissue sample.

This would be done by drilling a hole in my skull and prodding a needle down into the tumor and taking a tissue sample all during which I would be awake.

After much thought I realized this was something I had to do to help me find the best course of action in fighting this. I underwent the procedure and the results were confirmed it was an Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a grade 3 tumor. (Out of 4) Cancer, and deadly. I was told I could do Chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I did much research on the Internet that told me that Chemotherapy results are poor at best in combating brain tumors. So I decided to try radiation treatments and did so for 14 treatments.

During this point as most people would, I asked the question "Why me?" "Why now?" Why had I been so healthy for 30 years and then this? What had I done differently? And then I thought about my cell phone. That was the something different!

I got my first cell phone ever in my life on Feb 21 2002 a Nokia 3360 (I still have the receipt -Exhibit A) and had been using it as my main phone for more than a year.

I also realized that my tumor was on my right side of my head, my talking side. (The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body) Also after watching my cell go off beside my television set (It distorts the picture and makes a loud humming sound, try it, It will blow your mind)

I also remembered that cell phones were known to release radiation and rumored to cause brain tumors. I then and there decided to terminate my cell usage altogether in March of this year. I also stopped my radiation treatments under my own reasoning that maybe more radiation to my head was not such good idea.

(* There are warnings on your apple pie at McDonalds, but not on a product that leaks radiation you press against your head.????) I guess when you're a billion dollar industry you can do what you want.

As of Aug 29 my scans are showing that this "Cancer" has stopped growing.
Coincidence? A pretty big one if you ask me!

I am not anti-cell phone. (Well I am, but do what you want) I just think I should at least let people know some of these facts and then let you draw your own conclusions.

They say there are no links between cell phones and brain tumors, but all during my appointments with some of the best brain tumor specialists in Ontario I was not asked even once if I owned or used a Cell phone.

No wonder there is no link with investigation like that.

Maybe my 14 radiation treatments have helped, maybe the herbal Essiac I take twice a day is working, maybe it will start growing again. Maybe my phone had nothing to do with it. I really don't know.

So on that I will leave you, I hope you all are doing well. And you don't think I'm just trying to scapegoat Cell phone companies because of my bad luck or think I've turned into a complete conspiracy crackpot. I'm just letting you know the facts
My drivers license is most likely going to be suspended because of all this so it might be hard to get together will some of you, but I am looking to get a weekly gig somewhere in town and I hope I'll see you then. I am also writing my autobiography detailing my brain tumor escapades, comedy and boxing career as well as my social anxiety that I keep hidden to most. I am hoping to have it done by Christmas and will get a copy to anyone who wants one. "ONLY $19.95" just joking, free.

I still have some weakness in my left side and most likely will have a bit of a limp for the rest of my life. I have also have had a couple of seizures since my biopsy, which are quite frightening and though rare, very unpredictable. I'll have another scan probably in January. Other than that I am doing well and still have faith in God.
And if he says it's my time to go, I'm ok with that.

If you think there is any merit to what I am saying I urge you to forward this message to any of your friends or family, and rethink that cell phone gift at Christmas this year.
And remember

Not everyone that smokes gets lung cancer, but that doesn't mean smoking doesn't cause it.

And play safe.

(519) 746 8311


What have the studies of cancer in people living near power lines found?

Of children ages 14 and under, in the United States, about 14 in 100,000 develop some form of cancer each year. Almost one-third of these cases are acute lymphocytic leukemia, the most common form of leukemia in children. For childhood leukemia victims, chances of survival are about 60%.

To date, 14 studies have analyzed a possible association between proximity to power lines and various types of childhood cancer. Of these, eight have reported positive associations between proximity to power lines and some forms of cancer. Four of the 14 studies showed a statistically significant association with leukemia.

The first study to report an association between power lines and cancer was conducted in 1979 in Denver by Dr. Nancy Wertheimer and Ed Leeper. They found that children who had died from cancer were 2 to 3 times more likely to have lived within 40 m (131 ft) of a high-current power line than were the other children studied. Exposure to magnetic fields was identified as a possible factor in this finding. Magnetic fields were not measured in the homes. Instead, the researchers devised a substitute method to estimate the magnetic fields produced by the power lines. The estimate was based on the size and number of power line wires and the distance between the power lines and the home.

A second Denver study in 1988, and a 1991 study in Los Angeles, also found significant associations between living near high-current power lines and childhood cancer incidence. The L.A. study found an association with leukemia but did not look at all cancers.  The 1988 Denver study found an association with all cancer incidence. When leukemia was analyzed separately, the risk was elevated but not statistically significant.  In neither of these two studies were the associations found to be statistically significant when magnetic fields were measured in the home and used in the analysis. Studies in Sweden (1992) and Mexico (1993) have found increased leukemia incidence for children living near transmission lines. A 1993 Danish study, like the 1988 Denver study, found an association for incidence of all childhood cancers but not specifically leukemia. A Finnish study found an association with central nervous system tumors in boys. Eight studies have examined risk of cancer for adults living near power lines. Of these, two found significant studies involving cancer in people living near power lines.

Are there high cancer rates in some neighborhoods close to electric power facilities?

Scientists call unusual occurrences of cancer in an area or in time a 'cancer cluster'. In some cases, a cancer cluster has served as an early warning of a health hazard. For most reports of cancer clusters, however, the cause is never determined, or the perceived cluster is not really an unusual occurrence.

Concerns have been raised about seemingly high numbers of cancers in some neighborhoods and schools close to electric power facilities. In recent years, three state health departments have studied apparent cancer clusters near electric power facilities. A Connecticut study involved five cases of brain and central nervous system cancers in people living near an electrical substation. The local rates for these types of cancer were found to be no different from statewide rates. Examination of cancer rates at various distances from the substation also failed to show evidence of clustering. In North Carolina, several cases of brain cancer were identified in part of a county that included an electric power generating plant. An investigation showed that brain cancer rates in the county, however, were actually lower than statewide rates. Among staff at an elementary school near transmission lines in California, 13 cancers of various types were identified. Although this was twice the expected rate, the state investigators concluded that the cancers could have occurred by chance alone.

CLUSTERS As an analogy, think about how an uncommon family name might be distributed at homes located throughout a city. Would it be unusual to find neighborhoods where two or three unrelated families with this same name live in the same small area? Statistically, this may be shown to be expected due just to chance. While four or more such families may be very unlikely due to chance, this does not mean that it is impossible. One possible cause (other than chance) for some such 'name clusters' is that the families are part of the same ethnic group and they choose to live close together. For perceived neighborhood cancer clusters, however, health agencies generally never find a common environmental cause. It is also apparent that the definition of a 'cluster' depends on how large an area (neighborhood) is included .

Cancer cases in a city may show patterns that appear to be 'clusters'. They may seem to suggest a common environmental cause. Usually such patters are due just to chance. Further, delineation of a cluster is subjective - where do you draw the circles?


What about the Swedish cancer study of people living near transmission lines?

In late 1992, researchers in Sweden reported results of a study of cancer in people living near high-voltage transmission lines. The Swedish study generated a great deal of interest among scientists, the public, and the news media. Relative risk for leukemia increased in Swedish children who lived within 50 m (164 ft) of a transmission line. The risk was found also to increase progressively as the calculated average annual 50-Hz magnetic field increased in strength. However, the risk calculations were based on very small numbers of cases (see summary below).

The Swedish researchers concluded that their study provides additional evidence for a possible link between magnetic fields and childhood leukemia. However, scientists have expressed differing opinions about this study. Some scientists believe the study is important because it is based on magnetic field levels presumed to have existed around the time the cancers were diagnosed. Others are skeptical because of the small numbers of cancer cases and because no cancer association was seen with present-day magnetic field levels measured in the home.

There are about 70 new cases of childhood leukemia per year in Sweden. The National Electrical Safety Board of Sweden estimates that if, as this study suggests, living overhead transmission lines increases a child's risk of developing leukemia, then approximately two children per year in Sweden would develop leukemia as a result of living near such power lines.


  • Cancer cases (from 1960-85) and controls selected form the 500,000 people who had lived on property within 300 m (984 ft.) of 220- and 400 - kV lines.
  • Magnetic field exposure was estimated by (1) in-home measurement, (2) dwelling distance form lines, and (3) calculated average annual magnetic field before and near time of cancer diagnosis.
  • The relative risk of child leukemia was 1.50 for calculated fields of 1 to 2.9 mG (based on four leukemia cases), and 3.80 for fields above 3 mG (based on seven cases). The trend for increasing risk with increasing field strength was statistically significant.
  • No cancer association was found with present-day in-home magnetic field measurements.
  • For homes with 50m (164 ft.) of transmission lines (six cases), relative risk for child leukemia was 2.90, which was on the borderline of statistical significance.
  • Excess leukemia risks were found only in one-family homes. There were no elevated risks for other types of child cancers.
  • Control for possible effects of air pollution and socioeconomic status did not change study results.
  • Adults with highest cumulative exposures to power-line EMFs had twice the risk of developing acute myeloid leukemia.

Source: Feychting & Ahlbom 1992, 1993.

Besides cancer, what other kinds of effects have been reported in epidemiologic studies involving EMFs?

Several epidemiologic studies have looked for EMF effects on pregnancy outcomes and general health. Various EMF sources have been studied for possible association with miscarriage risk: power lines and substations, electric blankets and heated water beds, electric cable ceiling heat, and computer monitors or video display terminals (VDTs). Some studies have correlated EMF exposure with higher than expected miscarriage rates; others have found no such correlation. Epidemiologic studies have revealed no evidence of an association between EMF exposure and birth defects in humans.

Several studies looked at the overall health of high-voltage electrical workers, and a few looked at the incidence of suicide or depression in people living near transmission lines. Results of these studies have been mixed. Some studies have also investigated the possibility that certain sensitive individuals may experience allergic-type reactions to EMFs, known as 'electrosensitivity'.

One preliminary report released in 1994 has suggested a possible link between occupational EMF exposure and increased incidence of Alzheimer's disease. This study also found a higher incidence of Alzheimer's disease among tailors and dressmakers.

 Source:  Infoventures

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