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Crystal Healing
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Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing

Feel the harmony of being balanced.  Dowsing with quartz crystal will indicate imbalances of the body and the chakras can be balanced using crystals placed on or around the body, healing stress and correcting under and over-active chakras.


  • Feeling of well being
  • Accelerated healing on all levels
  • Restored balance & flow
  • Move through & release blocks  
  • Cleanses your personal energy field
  • Elevates consciousness and vibration

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$80 incorporating Reiki healing

Crystal Healing involves the “ancient art of laying on of stones” which has been traced back to the lost civilization of Atlantis. Crystals are attuned to the cosmic force of the universe and as a result are able to channel extensive energy to anyone whose intention is to tune in and receive. A Crystal Healing is an extremely powerful and unique experience. Crystals are unified vibrational centres that resonate with each person in extraordinary ways. Every type of crystal or stone is comprised of different properties and has unique magical energies and vibrations to share with the receiver for the purpose of healing and the elevation of consciousness. Crystal Healing addresses all levels of our being... physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. With crystal layouts the aura can be cleansed, traumas released and an opportunity is created for you to embrace your truth and divinity.

In a session, a clear intent is set which we arrive at through discussion. With that intent we attune to the energy and vibrations of the specific crystals placed on or around your chakras. I am then guided to channel energy to areas that require release and healing. Each session is tailored to your individual needs.

Sessions can embody a variety of layouts including Chakra Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Processing, Purging, Inter-Dimensional Travel and Specific Power Layouts. The sessions are once again very gentle and yet extremely powerful in restoring and maintaining wellness of mind, body and spirit.

For those unfamiliar with the Chakra system essentially these are energy areas in our bodies that are associated with various organs, glands, planes of evolution, and consciousness. They allow for our life force to flow through us, fully permitting us to connect with our true path, light and divinity. Our chakras can become blocked when we hold repressed mental and emotional experiences that prevent us from being fully in flow. Our chakras act almost like valves, allowing for the energy to flow between each centre. When in balance, an individual feels a oneness and a connectedness to themselves and the universe.

What is The Chakra System?

Knowledge of the chakra system comes from ancient Indian texts.  These describe energy centres (chakras) in the body, with seven major points arranged along the spinal column.  The seven major chakras are used in crystal healing.

Chakras are spinning vortices that focus certain frequencies of energy.  When a chakra accumulates stress, it becomes less able to assimilate and direct the appropriate life-giving energy into the body.

Each chakra has a particular focus of action but they are all interrelated.  When one chakra becomes disturbed it can upset the functioning of other chakras.  Over time this may contribute to physical illness or emotional upset.  

Depending on your surroundings and activities, some chakras may be more active than others.  It is best when healing, to seek to achieve an overall balance in the chakra system, rather than focusing on only one or two areas.

Each of the chakras is linked with physical functions as well as emotional and mental states, and is also associated with a colour

Basic Chakra Functions

Chakra Swirls

Root Chakra   

Deals with our survival instincts, our ability to deal with our family, our fears related to our existence and death, our feelings of safety and security in our world.

Sacral Chakra

Deals with our experience of that which is different from us, our creativity, our sexuality, partnerships, modes of behaviors that destroy opportunities for successful relationships.

Solar Plexus

Deals with our own personal dynamics and feelings of authority and self-confidence, our insecurities and indecisions.

Heart Chakra

Deals with our ability to love and accept love, our availability to love, feelings of gratitude, devotions, our feelings of self-worth.

Throat Chakra

Deals with our verbal expression and inhibitions, our communications on every level - writing, speaking, singing, exchange of ideas through language.

Third Eye

Deals with our imagination, conceptions, higher goals and ideals, control issues, perceptions, narrow-mindedness, insight, inner guidance.

Crown Chakra

Deals with our connections to Higher Self, wisdom, spiritual awakening, meditation, contemplation, illumination, mystical experiences, oneness with All and All That Is. 

A Simple Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

Crystals that are the same colour as a chakra will enhance its natural qualities, whatever the situation.  For a simple balancing therapy, place one stone of the appropriate colour on each chakra area for a few minutes.

Use small tumbled stones or crystal points.  Choose your stones and arrange them in sequence beside where you will be lying.  When you are ready, you can easily pick up the stones and place them on your body without them falling off.

  1. The first or root chakra is at the base of the spine.  Linked to the adrenal glands. Use a black or red stone between your legs to balance physical energy, motivation and practicality, and to promote a sense of stability.

  2. The second or sacral chakra is in the lower abdomen, below the navel.  Linked to the reproductive organs.  Use an orange stone here to balance creativity, feelings and sexual drive, and to release stress and blocks in your life that prevent enjoyment.

  3. The third or solar plexus chakra is just below the ribcage.  Linked to the pancreas and spleen.  Use a yellow or gold stone in this position to clear your thoughts, reduce anxiety and improve confidence.

  4. The fourth or heart chakra is in the centre of the chest.  Linked to the heart and thymus gland.  Use a green or pink stone here to balance your relationships, personal development, direction and sharing.

  5. The fifth or throat chakra is at the throat.  Linked to the thyroid gland.  Use a light blue stone here to ease communication difficulties, express yourself and improve the flow of information.

  6. The sixth chakra is the third eye in the centre of the brow.  Linked to the pineal or pituitary glands.  Use an indigo or dark blue stone here, to increase understanding, perception and knowledge, and to promote intuitive skills and memory.

  7. The seventh chakra is the crown, situated just above the top of the head.  Linked to the pineal or pituitary glands.  A white or violet stone placed in this position integrates and balances the whole chakra system and channels Universal life energy into the body, balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self.  It stimulates fine levels of perception, intuition and inspiration.

Chakra Healing Practitioner Class 


Learn about the Chakras and their purpose.  Get to know your own chakras and how you can use them to help you heal. Learn how to use Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing techniques for yourself and others.

This one-day course consists of the following training:

  • What Chakras are and how they work
  • Symptoms of unbalanced Chakras
  • Chakra Guided Visualization  
  • Chakra Balancing techniques
  • Crystal Healing techniques
  • Pendulum Dowsing
  • Grounding and Grounding meditation
  • Energy Clearing techniques
  • Hands-on experience with giving a complete treatment


Chakra Healing Manual, Crystal Healing kit and all class materials are included.   

A Chakra Healing Practitioner Certificate is issued upon successful completion.

Next class beginning soon - please email for details




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