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Space Clearing

  • Have you felt uncomfortable in any part of your property?
  • Do you want to remove the energy imprint from the previous owners before you move in?
  • Does anyone ‘see things’ in the building that makes them feel uncomfortable?
  • Is your property not selling?
Energy can remain in buildings from previous owners, from conflict, illness, bad luck or from trapped spirit energy.
Space Clearing releases this energy and infuses a new vibrancy that allows our homes or workplaces to support us in moving forward with clarity and purpose, sustaining our vitality, our general well-being, and a sense of ease and fulfillment. It transforms the atmosphere of the space, making it comfortable, welcoming and uplifting.  

Space Clearing is a process that clears and balances the unseen energies of our personal surroundings that influence the quality of our lives.

Everything that happens in a building becomes imprinted in the walls, furniture and objects.  As well as our own imprints there are those from previous occupants. These old residues of energy have an effect on us, possibly causing us to feel or act differently, effecting our health or energy levels, or making us feel stuck, unhappy or unsettled. They can make us feel like we are constantly pushing against the flow and unable to resolve difficulties.

The imprints accumulate on a daily basis in the same way that dust and cobwebs accumulate physically. They make the atmosphere stale and dull.

Space Clearing releases these imprinted layers of energy and infuses a new vibrancy that supports the many dimensions of our lives. It allows our homes or workplaces to support us in moving forward with clarity and purpose, sustaining our vitality, our general well-being, and a sense of ease and fulfillment. It transforms the atmosphere of the space, making it comfortable, welcoming and uplifting.

The uplifting quality of Space Clearing also helps to provide an experience of greater personal perspective and meaning – uplifting our spirit and supporting our higher self.

Who can benefit from Space Clearing?

Anyone can benefit from having their home or workplace Space Cleared.

  • Space Clearing is helpful if your life is not working well, if you feel stuck, unhappy or unsettled, or if you have difficulties with your relationships, health, work or finances
  • It is excellent if you are tired, depressed or stressed, or if you just want some extra sparkle. It is great for giving yourself a boost and getting your life on track
  • It is also ideal at times of transition to provide a firm foundation for positive change, such as a new relationship, new job or new baby
  • It is essential for therapy rooms, to support the client's healing process and prevent therapist's burnout

It is also beneficial to Space Clear if you are selling your home, if you have just moved into a new home, or if you have lived there for many years but never felt ‘at home’


  • It is ideal for your workplace, to support a successful and happy work-life

  • Space Clearing within conference or concert venues helps to enhance the quality of meetings, workshops, and performances

  • Space Clearing is suitable for any building space that has walls and a roof, however large or small. It has no religious connection, and is suitable for people from all cultures, any or no religious background, and all walks of life

How can Space Clearing help with Clutter Clearing?

Clutter can accumulate wherever energy stagnates. It blocks the natural flow of movement within a space, creating obstructions for new opportunities and for moving forwards with intention. Space Clearing helps to release this stagnant energy which therefore allows the clutter to be resolved. The process also provides insights into the personal issues that may be at the core of a clutter problem.

Clearing the stagnant energy of clutter with Space Clearing can transform the lives of clutter-holics and the people they live with. 

What happens at a Space Clearing session?

An ancient Indian smudging ceremony is performed.  I use a Smudge stick, made from herbs, that emits smoke; once lit, the smoke moves the energy out. Different herbs are dedicated to different energy, so I choose what I need and use them together to clear the negative energy and bring in the positive energy.  

A clearing technique using Tingsha bells may also be used.


An ancient Inca Shaman ‘four winds’ ceremony is performed to energetically protect the space.  A refined and buoyant new energy is anchored into the space, which supports personal energy, nurturing aspirations and creating the potential for healing and personal insights to occur.

Afterwards people report feeling inspired and empowered, describing it as a fascinating and revitalizing experience that marked a significant turning point for them.

A geopathic stress assessment is made and negative earth energies, EMFs, technological and metaphysical energies are identified and are cleared, stabilized or shielded.




Environmental Harmonizing adds light energy to the environment and all physical matter within a 200 feet radius. The laws of physics dictate that the higher energy eliminates or pushes away the lower waves of energy creating harmony within the area it is applied to.


On-Site Clearing from $200 CDN
Add travel fee $0.50/km
Email for appointment
Off-Site Clearing $200
Payable by Paypal
Full Address


Space Clearing Testimonials

"Thank you so very much for checking the land here and for your wonderful energy work!  

I must say, things feel different now –

So far, I have felt a clearer, brighter sense of the land here - and a good feeling of more empty space - whereas before, it felt almost cramped or full of heavy old emotional energies and unsettled feelings - also, an almost scary or haunted feeling.
I have felt the presence of old Native American Indian spirits - actually, felt a lot of their grief and emotions from the souls who weren't crossing over to the Light yet......I feel many have left since you have worked with them.    Many thanks!!!!!

It feels like some old energies have left, for sure....... There is a feeling of more peace and quietness.

Many Thank Yous and much gratitude for your work."  

Claire - MA, USA

"Just want to thank you for the services you recently provided me.  Many wonderful things have happened since you were at my home.  It is obvious that you are very gifted in what you are being called to do."

Silvia - ON, CANADA

Environmental Harmonizing

The Environmental Harmonizer incorporates laws of physics and ancient metaphysical laws based on the measurement of the cubit.

When the Sacred Cubit length makes a closed circuit or loop, it creates a frequency.
The harmonizer is composed of 3 rings anchored equally from one another. This creates beams of light that vibrate at a high frequency and radiate in all directions of the field. This spherical toroidal field of light vibrates at 144 megahertz (the speed of light).

Every atom, every electron in the field of the harmonizer is activated or injected with more light, so that the atoms and electrons vibrate at a higher level. We know from both a metaphysical and a scientific perspective that everything is light. The harmonizer adds light energy to any situation, environment, or to physical matter. The laws of physics dictate that the higher energy eliminates or pushes away the lower waves of energy.

The environmental harmonizer extends frequencies for 150 to 200 feet in radius.
The CD plays a molecular scan of the water molecule, transferred to an environmental frequency. The water molecule frequency is used for clearing.

The harmonizer harmonizes everything in your environment with your higher self. It sends out the frequency of the human heart, or love.

- Slim Spurling is an expert on Geopathic Stress and designer of Light-Life™ Technology and the Environmental Harmonizer.  

For more information please visit his website


Tips For Clutter Clearing

Life is enough of a struggle without adding to it by keeping things in your home that have unhappy memories associated with them. 
Ask yourself:
~  Do I enjoy it?
Does it make me happy or feel guilty?
~  Does it bring back bad memories?
Your home should only have things in it that make you smile and feel happy.
Don’t keep anything that isn't USEFUL or BEAUTIFUL!

Having Clutter Can Make You Feel Tired and Lethargic

Most people who have clutter say they can’t find the energy to begin to clear it. They constantly feel tired. But the stagnant energy that stacks up around clutter actually causes tiredness and lethargy. Clearing it frees up the energy in your home and releases new vitality in your body.

Clutter can also:

  • Keep you in the past
  • Affect your body weight
  • Make you disorganized
  • Make you feel a sense of chaos
  • Make you feel depressed

Practical ways to clear the clutter

Clearing your clutter often means throwing it away, recycling, donating, or selling it.

Ask yourself:
    ~ Do I really need this?
    ~ Does this reflect who I am now?
    ~ Why do I hold on to this object? (guilt, fear or habit)

  • Give back everything that is borrowed
  • Get rid of double things
  • Allow yourself only ONE clutter drawer

Liberate Yourself

It's always a perfect time for DONATING.  You’ll be giving it a new life and contributing to someone else's life at the same time.  How charitable!

Throw away one mistake today… We all have them: things we bought that we can’t use, don’t like, meant to return, etc.  Just throw one away today. Congratulate yourself for being human and moving on. 

Energy Clearing

Dark Cloud          
Did you know that clutter accumulates in areas where the energy is stagnant? 
Clutter accumulation has negative energy and is attracted to negative energy areas in your home.
This energy can often make you feel uncomfortable and can affect your health.
Negative energy can remain in buildings (and on land) from previous owners, from conflict or illness, or from trapped spirit energy. 
Clear Sky
Space Clearing releases this energy and infuses a new, healthy vibrancy that allows our homes or workplaces to support us in moving forward with clarity and purpose.
  • It sustains our vitality and general well being.  
  • It transforms the atmosphere of the space, making it comfortable, welcoming and uplifting. 
Using shamanic practices as well as scientific tools, the energy of the building and land can be cleared, and protected.

De-Clutter Your Soul

In the course of life we gather things together.  These are the objects we need for our daily life, our comfort, our work and to reinforce our connections with others.  ‘Things’ are a part of life and, supposedly, each has its purpose and place.  Life is fluid and ‘things’ come and go, but when they come and DON’T go, problems arise, with rooms filling up and life losing its focus.

There is the clutter of the room and the clutter of the soul and they are intrinsically linked.  When you see stagnant accumulations of junk appearing in a room, it can represent trapped fear or pain in the person’s life.  These feelings tend to immobilize a person and make them resist change.

When we resist change we enter the dreaded land of procrastination!  Clutter is a way of dragging your heals to slow down the arrival of the future.  When you clean out your closets and corners, you’re free to embrace new opportunities.  But what if you’re not too hopeful about what’s ahead?  Don’t worry, there’s a way to change that program!

There are three steps to eliminating clutter.  The first one is simple and practical but the next two are interrelated and require a bit more understanding of how the universe is woven together and how we wear it.

The first step is to make sure that nothing is blocking the entranceway, or stopping the door from opening as completely as it was designed to do.  Remove anything hanging from the back of the door or jammed into the narrow space behind it.  Imagine you are entering the room wearing a flowing, open weave robe.  Are there any furniture corners near or pointing at you that could snag that gauzy fabric?  If there are, they will snag your aura so rearrange them to allow a more emotionally comfortable entrance.

Also, avoid having any chair-backs facing the door since that is read by the person entering as a hand being held up telling them to halt!  A chair facing the door is read as the open and welcoming hand.  (This is an important thing to know when setting up a sales office.)

            It’s helpful to think of the chi energy flowing into the room as a stream of water.  If the flow is reduced to a trickle by a cramped entranceway, you are very limited as to what you can do with it.  If the flow is slow, some areas may dry out, starved of energy.  In other areas, murky puddles may form, which causes anxiety.  Is that really something you want happening in your living room?

            The next key is something that many practitioners have spoken about – creating a strong focus for the eye when you first enter the room.  While this is an important factor in itself when your aim is reducing clutter and procrastination, there is an additional refinement that needs to be considered.  Why is that eye focus so important?  When we walk through a door, our aura is compressed.  When we step inside the room, the aura springs out and ‘reads’ the room.  Whatever message it receives creates a unique reaction.

            This reaction is an energetic pattern that the aura paints on the entranceway.  If there is no strong focus for the eyes, they’ll stay in motion, scanning and searching for a reference point.  The fight or flight reflex stays active and this highly charged anxiety-fraught signature is transmitted.  Everyone who follows in this pathway will feel it and certain automatic reactions will take place.  One of the reactions is to empty the hands.  This is why piles of things tend to accumulate on the furniture nearest to the door.  Another reaction is to move quickly through the room to a safer haven.  This means you never spend relaxed time in the room to infuse it with your nurturing energy.  You don’t want to spend the time there to put it in order.

“Whether we choose to hold onto things or share things is determined by the difference between the left and right sides of the body”

            People are very easy to program, entire cultures are programmed by the advertising on their televisions.  The first thing you see when you enter a room programs you, so if there is no clear focus, you feel unfocused.  That’s a euphemism for messy!  When you spend a lot of time in that space, your life is infused with that unfocused energy.  So place a strong focus for your eyes for when you first walk into every room.  But, while that will create more focus in your life, it will not necessarily eliminate accumulation and procrastination.  What will?  That’s the third step, placing that focus in the correct spot!

            Here we get into sorting the strands that make up the fabric of our universe.  Our environments are reflections of our physical and energetic body as we are creations of proportion and dimension.  There are two especially important measurements at work here.  One relates to whether we choose to hold onto things or share things, and this is determined by the difference between the left and right sides of the body.

            The left side is where we hold onto things.  It’s where our stomach gathers food; our spleen gathers energy and where we feel the emotions that come from our hearts.  When you hold a new baby, you place their head over your left breast so that they feel the beating of your heart.  If the focus for your eyes is to the left side of the room or to the left of your body, the room tends to hold onto the past.  This is why rooms with entrance doors on the left side tend to become more cluttered and chaotic.

            The right side of the body is where we find the liver and gallbladder.  These are organs that transform and share the resources.  It’s the social side of the body.  It’s the right hand that we offer in greeting.  It’s the future side of the body because the transformation of others from strangers to friends is a movement into the future.  If your environment is overstuffed and you feel stuck in the past, place the focuses on the right side of the room and definitely to the right of your body.  Your eyes and ears project energy.  Where that energy goes is significant.  When you gather the light energy that pours from your eyes and splash it in the direction that your body reads as the future, walking that pathway becomes much easier.  Locking onto things that hold you in the past becomes less appealing.

            The other important dimension is the height of the body.  There is the head, the torso and the legs.  The mind is concerned with the future, the heart and the stomach with the present, and the knees and feet with what was accomplished in the past.  The height at which you place that strong focus for your eyes determines which part of your life you concentrate on.

“Placing pictures and reflective surfaces at heart level helps keep love an active element of your life”

            This is why moving into a new home can be so disruptive; everything is on the floor, or leaning against the wall.  As long as it stays there, you stay stuck, reliving your past choices.  If you want to get on with life, put up your pictures first.  That will increase the energetic flow on the higher levels; the present and future.  We’re great believers in placing the focus at heart level.  That keeps you comfortably in the present and moving towards the future.  In general, placing pictures and reflective surfaces at heart level helps keep love an active element of your life.

            Physiologically, if the focus is low, the head has to dip and the spine has to bend to observe it.  This decreases the optimal flow of electrical energy up the spine.  In businesses, it’s wise to place the focus at eye level to encourage people to stand straighter, feel more poised and clearly pointed towards the future.

            Choose the images or objects for your focus well.  What you read is what you’ll write!  They are your instructions to the universe so don’t be timid, be optimistic.  Decide what part of your life you want to focus on.  You have the choice of me or we, and the decision to live in the past, present or future.  Put the images where you decide you need it, then, maybe nudge it just a little higher and to the right, in case you’re underestimating what you deserve.  Courage!  The barricades of the self melt away when the pathways to the future are assured.

Ó Ralph &  Lahni DeAmicis


If you let go, there is room for something better to come in.

Trust and remain open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources.  Simplify.

If we're going to cross over a small stream and see what adventures await us on the other side, eventually we'd have to leave the side we're standing on and step across the water. Most people are living like they have a foot on each side of the stream, and they're straddling it, while the water level is rising. If they don't make a move pretty soon, they're going to get wet.

This little analogy works on many levels. It relates to cleaning our homes insofar as if we don't let go of some of the old stuff that's been lying around for years, we may never have room for any new stuff to come in. Likewise, it can also pertain to ideas we're carrying around with us. As we move closer to the cultural transition which looms on the horizon, we're beginning to discover that many of our beliefs and ideas aren't serving us anymore. They're outdated or barely working, and we really can't count on them like we used to. Most of the information we're fed by the media fits into this category. An example, although it may not always be stated outright, is that being at war will make things better. This archaic idea no longer works for us, and it really never did. All caring, thinking people know that we simply cannot achieve peace as long as we support war, and yet, war is still the cornerstone upon which the foundation of our entire civilization is built. If, however, we truly want peace - if we intend that we have true and lasting peace- we must let go of our tendency to make war and replace it with a more positive approach of resolving our differences. We must let it go so that something new and better can come in.

From The Code ~ Intentions in Action


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