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2010 The Year of the White Tiger

2010 year is the year of the white metal Tiger. 

New Year of the Tiger, 2010, promises to be interesting in all aspects, a period with serious changes in every sphere of life. 

We shall open up our eyes widely to these changes and wonder how we managed to live without all that is new, bright and fascinating. 

Love will surely reign all year. It will be everywhere; you will feel it with all the senses and get satisfaction from your life! 

It has quite a simple explanation: according to the Chinese horoscope and lunar calendar, the 2010 New Year coincides with the 14th of February - St. Valentine's Day. So, 'express your feelings' is the motto of 2010 year! 

The astrologists note that 2010 is a year of the white metal Tiger, and the best metal for this animal is considered to be silver. Present your friends with silver items - they will surely bring luck in 2010 year of white Tiger! 

If according to Chinese horoscope you were born in a year of Sheep, Horse (especially Fire Horse), Dog, Tiger, Ox or Dragon, this 2010 year will not lay you aside! Take your chances! Don't be afraid of starting something new - you will succeed! 

Those, who were born in a year of Rabbit, Rooster or Monkey, in 2010 year of the Tiger, will have to try harder. This 2010 year will require of these people certain efforts to fulfill all their goals and not to lose what they already have. For the rest of animals, according to the Chinese horoscope, 2010 year of white Tiger will be neutral. 

This 2010 year aim at fulfilling the most cherished plans!

During the 1st moon of the year 2-14-10 to 3-15-10:
This will be a humanitarian time and charity for the masses will prevail. New, revolutionary concepts take form. This is a time of inventions and abstract thinking. Eccentricities abound, and lively debates are likely.

During the 2nd moon 3-16-10 to 4-13-10:
Imagination, feeling and intuition influence at this time. Melodramatic, impossible situations take center stage. Empathy and spiritually evolved thinking emerges. A mystical, visionary and compassionate time of the year. Beware escapism.

During the 3rd moon 4-14-10 to 5-13-10:
A forceful, fierce and impulsive time. Even the most courageous must take care not to make rash, headstrong decisions. There will be many changes at this time. Passion, daring and generous times as well. The restless Tiger in the 3rd moon may provoke a major change in living arrangements and employment.

During the 4th moon 5-14-10 to 6-11-10:
The sensuous Earth element of this Tiger year will prevail, motivating possessions, comfort and strong values. Marriages at this time should prosper and be happy and successful. This is a relatively stable and peaceful period of this turbulent year.

During the 5th moon 6-12-10 to 7-11-10: An open optimistic period, filled with many social occasions and parties. Communication of all types, mental pursuits, and unexpected imaginative enterprises. All signs will feel more outgoing and gregarious.

During the 6th moon 7-12-10 to 8-09-10:
A fiery, kingly time of year with much pomp and circumstance. This self-confident and ego-centric period could bring world wide change in governments, leaders. Imposing, physically active and powerful forces at this time, will accentuate and personify this Tiger year of change, unrest and action.

During the 7th moon 8-10-10 to 9-7-10:
A time of multiple projects and activities. A detail-oriented time of observation and self-reflection. Also a time for some much needed rest, as we all will be exhausted from the Tiger years antics.

During the 8th moon 9-8-10 to 10-7-10:
Harmony, reconciliation and balance are restored. A charming, more diplomatic period, but decisions may be difficult. There will be many options open (perhaps too many) and home improvement and decorations are indicated. The Arts, especially dance and music will flourish at this time, as will rekindled social alliances. The Yin energy influences creativity and personal expression at this time.

During the 9th moon 10-8-10 to 11-5-10:
An intense and deep time, with emphasis on sexuality, instinct, and covert behavior. Superficial concerns are tossed aside, and serious life-changing decisions could be made at this time. Vivid dreams and powerful emotions could take some of the more tranquil signs by surprise. Watch your back. A time of black/white thinking, without much gray to temper.

During the 10th moon 11-6-10 to 12-5-10:
Travel, philosophical discussion, and fun highlight this period. The desire of knowledge of different cultures and people will be sought. A new open-minded brotherhood will be felt by all. Some may lack tact and speak too freely, but the intent of the heart is good.

During the 11th moon 12-6-10 to 1-3-10:
Practical, ambitious and over-serious forces take over. Entrepreneurial efforts are successful, because of the hard work put into matters. Mastery is achieved and goals are met. A time reminiscent of the previous Ox year in the emphasis on ones family, homeland and plans for old age.

During the 12th and last moon phase of this Metal Tiger year 1-4-10 to the new Rabbit year which begins on 2-3-2011:
The aggressive Tiger energy, confident with the years great changes and achievements, prepares to enter the calm, reticent and well-mannered sign of the Rabbit. The art of persuasion and diplomacy will flourish. The adventurous Tiger influence has prepared to settle in for a while, and pursue more aesthetic avenues. Treaties, talks by the fireside, and mended fences will be the order of the day.



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