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Welcome all Fellow Lightworkers & Wayshowers!

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A place to learn more about YOUR PLACE in our changing world

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What is a Lightworker?

  • Anyone who, in their heart, is committed to helping others grow in love and light
  • They are a catalyst for others' growth of inner presence and elevation of awareness 
  • A person who strongly resonates with the information coming from spirit at this time of ascension
  • They radiate an amazing presence

Are you a Lightworker?

Do you feel a sense of time urgency within you?
Do you feel drawn to help humanity?
Do you feel drawn to spirituality?
Do you believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation?
Do you believe that you are here for a higher purpose?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then yes, you are a Lightworker.

Actually, the truth is, everyone is a Lightworker.  

The real question to ask yourself is, "Am I aware of who I am?" 

Behind all labels, behind all self-created illusions of mind and ego, lies the truth, the answer to that question. Just as the sun shines bright both day and night, it's only the movement of the planet and clouds that obscure it from view,,,

... the sun is always shining. 

A Lightworker is awake to this truth, aware of their true presence and living in accordance with the divine plan. 

All beings that exist are a channel between enlightened spirit and the temporary world of form and illusion, earth. 

Why am I here? 

You don't always need to consciously realize the answer to this question, but living your life purpose is achievable in every moment, right now. 

Sit in peaceful contemplation, in pure awareness. Allow yourself to be present in every moment and feel within the depths of your heart for your inner truth, your guidance. 

The work is easy and the burden is light. Your true essence of being is so vast, it is beyond any concept, any word, thought or form. 

A Lightworker then, is any being who is aware of their true non-dual nature, their eternal "I Am" Presence and acting in accordance with it. A Lightworker is active in enlightenment, or in cultivating enlightenment.

*Together, we are raising the vibration of the Earth towards the new Golden Age*

Debra Jones Namaste

10 Easy Steps to Ascension

adapted from

 Ascension is about clearing, healing and evolving our energies into a higher form... Ascending to a higher vibrational level.  Assistance is now abundant with available guidance, wisdom, information, and techniques.

In your personal physical ascension, you must begin where you are. If you have a worn-out, unhealthy body, it's necessary to bring it into greater balance for ascension. Energy imprints and patterns must be cleared. The physical, spiritual and emotional bodies must be healed.

Many people don't realize that ascension means transforming the body they have, into a body that will take in more light and higher vibrations of energy. If you are like us, this can be a little overwhelming if our physical bodies had not been a priority.

We have personally experienced many ascension (light body) symptoms, including joint and muscle pain, persistent fatigue, headaches, stiff necks and shoulders, weight gain, difficulties with sleep and concentration (foggy headedness), sore throat, transformational flu, body aches and pains, hearing changes, irritable bowels and bladder, low-grade fevers and depression.

We've since found what is needed to actively support our personal ascension process.

One of the first things each of us must do is take responsibility for our body and auric field.  Remember, you are not a body with a part of you being spirit. You are a spiritual being who has incarnated in a physical body. This body is your temple. Others can help, but YOU are ultimately responsible for your spiritual, emotional and physical health.

1. Take in more Life Force Energy:  Before getting out of bed, take three deep breaths and say, "I AM a creation of Light. The light flows within, through, and around my body." Throughout the day, take three deep breaths and say, "I AM a creation of light. The light flows within, through, and around my body."  You are a spiritual Being, a being of light. It is important to partake of the Universal Life Force Energy that is freely available to you.

2. Take full responsibility and release all energy imprints and patterns that no longer serve your highest good, through your out-breath, and healing/clearing sessions:  Many of these imprints and patterns are also are held within the auric field (as well as the DNA). These imprints and patterns actually BLOCK light from coming into your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. Light is what you are and it needs to flow unhindered within, through, and around your body.

3. Practice spiritual non-attachment:  Be aware of becoming distracted by drama.  You are not your stories.

4. Strengthen your energy circuits:  As more light comes into your physical body, your muscles must be strong enough to hold the light. Regular exercise that strengthens and tones is important, as are subtle body exercises, like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc.

5. Keep your chakras (spiritual energy centers) clear:  We are Spiritual Beings. We are not just a physical body. Begin a daily routine that includes taking care of your chakras and energy bodies. Meditation, Chakra Clearing exercises, regular healing sessions, sea salt baths...

6. Attune to your higher guidance:  Take time to connect with your Soul through meditation.  Learn to communicate with your guides for insight, encouragement & guidance. They are always available to you.  Just sit quietly and listen.

7. Make changes that support and promote optimal physical health: Cleansing/detoxing of the physical body and releasing attachments to food. The alkaline food plan is a wonderful way to aid the light body. Attune to your higher guidance regarding what you eat.

8. Raise your vibration: Practice Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love.  Sing, Dance, Play.

9. Meditation and prayer:  Take time out each morning and/or evening to sit quietly and receive spiritual nourishment for your soul.

10. Daily acts of service: Remember, service to self is important. Take care of your spiritual, physical and emotional needs of yourself and share this with others.

Drunvalo Melchizedek explains about the Mayan Calendar and our journey to evolution in this informative 14 part video series:

Melchizedek, who has spent over 25 years working with the Mayans, details what they have told him about  impending Earth changes. He reveals that the Mayans believe that the infamous date in December of 2012 is actually "the least likely day" for anything to happen. According to the them, the 'event' takes place between October 24th, 2007 and 2015. 


Answers to the Earth's current disasters

Alberto Villoldo describes the awakening of Quetzalcoatl, the galactic serpent prophesied to return by 2012. Filmed high the the Andes Mountains, this new documentary shows the shift from the Himalayas to the Americas of a plasma stream originating from the center of the Milky Way, and awakening the feminine power of the Americas.

The galactic serpent has anchored itself in the highest mountain in the Americas, and will be guiding evolution in the Earth for the next 5,600 years. Dr. Villoldo describes the origin of this plasma stream that informed the high monasteries of the Himalayas, and how it promises a resurgence in the wisdom traditions of the shamans.

Little Grandmother talks about 2012

Do you want to know how to work more closely with your spirit guides?

This video is SO cool!

Jessica Miller demonstrates how to work with your spirit guides

‘Re-examine all you have been told in school or church or in any book,
and dismiss whatever insults your own soul… 
It is also not consistent with the reality of the soul to admit that there is anything
in the known universe more divine than men and women.

The master knows that he is unspeakably great and that all are unspeakably great. 

There will soon be no more priests… They may wait awhile, perhaps a generation or two, dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place.
A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man,
and every man shall be his own priest.'
~ Walt Whitman, from the preface to Leaves of Grass – 1855

'We must clear away the debris and patterns of our present and our past, whether conscious or unconscious, so that we have an unobstructed pathway to direct our energy towards our Soul's path, Soul's passion, and Soul's truth.'


You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the hour, and there are things to be considered….
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden
It is time to speak your truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other,
and do not look outside yourself for the leader.
Then he clasped his hands together smiled and said,  ‘This could be a good time! 
There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so swift that there are those who will be afraid. 
They will try to hold on to the shore and they will feel like they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.
Know that the river has a destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open and our heads above the water and see who is in there with you – and celebrate!
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves, for the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves.

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones who we have been waiting for.'

Hopi Nation, Oraibi, Arizona USA

...So there will be those who will stay in the old energy calling themselves lightworkers and calling you “wrong”. They will not understand ascension status nor see the gifts that are available. The differences between the two of you will be obvious to anyone looking in from the outside. Those in the old energy who call themselves lightworkers will have lists of things that a person must do, and procedures and agendas in order for anyone to have an enlightened energy within. The NEW ENERGY features Human enablement and power. There will be very little structure and no ego developed around any Human hierarchy that must be adhered to. It will be obvious who is in the old and who is in the NEW ENERGY to anyone who compares them ~ Kryon  

"Who would like to volunteer to be born in this world?" The archangel asked.  Knowing we could make a difference, all of us jumped up and said, "Me!"

In this time of great change, we all signed up to be healers and angels!
We are now feeling this call to spirit more strongly than ever.  Go forth and shine your light!

Why Are We Here?

What follows is a description of life on planet Earth. This was information from the loving entities simply known as "The Group" through Steve Rother. This was a base of all the information that followed from the Group in the messages contained in the Beacons of Light Meditations and was an answer to Steve's question: "Why are we here?"

The Game

Let us take you on a journey........
All of us here are gathered in a meadow at the base of a mountain. We are home and we are all playing together in perfect love. A dear brother approaches and says, "Would anyone here like to play a new Game?"

"What kind of Game?" You ask. "Is it like the ones we play now?"

"No," he replies. "It is like nothing we have ever done before. It will be an elaborate Game with many props and disguises. We will wear veils so that we can no longer see or re-member our true nature, even the veil will be hidden from view. Then we will start the Game and begin to re-member. This veil will be so effective that you will forget not only who you are; you will even forget home. Even as we pass each other on our paths, we will look into each other's eyes and not recognize one another. The veil will be so effective that many will look around at the props and disguises and truly believe that is all there is. You will retain all of your powers, yet you will not re-member how to use them or that they are even there.

"The Game will be played in phases and before we start each phase of the Game we may place as many reminders in our path as we wish, to help us re-member. Be advised to place many reminders, for most of you will rationalize them away easily. We will choose the time and place of our entrances and exits on the Gameboard. We will also set up circumstances and lessons we wish to complete while we are under the veil. A tally will be kept and points will accumulate from one phase to the next. This point system will only be used by you to determine what will be included in your next phase. You will not be able to remember from one phase to the next, yet, once mastered, certain attributes may be carried forward into the next phase. You will always carry your core essence and personality, yet you will not re-member that it passes with you through the veil into every phase.

"Humor will always be a reminder that passes unchecked through the veil, and if we find you getting too serious we will tickle your funny bone as a reminder that this is only a Game. There will also be many masters available along the way to help us if we wander too far from the path. Oh yes, I almost forgot an important part of the Game... at all times there will be Free Choice. You have complete choice in all matters, you may even choose not to play the Game, or to call in a substitute. You may choose to hide, or you may choose to seek, it is entirely up to you.

"On the Gameboard there will be polarity. This has to do with the mechanics of the Gameboard itself, and will be a necessary component as it provides the contrast needed. However, polarity will taint your vision. Through eyes tainted with polarity, you perceive things as Up or Down, Light or Dark, Good or Bad, Love or Fear and Right or Wrong. Do not let this fool you, it is only illusion.

"We will all leave our higher aspects of ourselves in a special place for the duration of the Game, otherwise the Game would be much too easy. Your higher self will be available to you at all times. Your challenge will be to learn to access it, and to re-member that it exists as part of yourself. You may choose special loved ones to ride on your shoulder to advise you during the Game. Again, re-membering that they even exist will be a big part of the Game itself.

"The goal of the Game will be to see how many can re-member who they are, where they are from, and what powers of creation they have. Once you re-member, then you may re-merge with your higher self and re-create home on the other side of the veil to demonstrate that you have fully re-membered.

"So who wants to play?"  

From The Group

Somewhere along the line, you decided to have some fun and incarnate into a body - and before you knew it, certain rules and resistances became apparent. Life on Earth, though abundant with rich feelings and experiences, had its risks. A wide variety of illusions and games presented themselves and you said to yourself, "This looks interesting! I think I'll play this game for awhile. Why not? Everybody else is playing it. When the time comes for me to set aside this silly amusement and return to the way I felt as a child, it won't be any problem.

So you jumped in with both feet, started giving names to everything around you (including yourself), agreed that a great many artificial boundaries were real, created false identities and relationships, arbitrarily gave power to other people which allowed them to control you, began making judgments, and so forth. Life went on and as the years passed, you became more and more enmeshed in your illusions. When the time arrived for you to set aside all your games and dramas, it turned out that it wasn't so easy. You'd been heavily programmed and had developed habits that didn't want to go away.

Such is the challenge that faces most people today. They're playing games; some taking life less seriously, while others are passionately putting everything they have on the line. In both instances, however, most people have long forgotten the moment when they chose to start playing. Most are lost in the dramas." 

From The Highest Light Teachings

  • Changes are now unfolding at warp speed, and it is critical that we all stay focused on the Light

  • Our thoughts, words, feelings and actions are powerful beyond our knowing

  • Remember, where our attention goes .... our energy flows

  • This is a profound Truth that we must now clearly comprehend

"Once we've taken heart and learned to trust in our power, the next step is to stretch our imagination and know that we can create anything that we can think of. When we go beyond the bounds of our old, consensus reality, whole new realms open up before us. We can have leaders who are kind and beneficent; we can clean our air and water in a matter of days; we can enjoy free energy, free food, free shelter, free everything! A life of total comfort is available to anyone who is willing to shed their old thinking processes."  From The Highest Light Teachings

Advice for Healers

I have some advice for you if you're a healer. Would you like to make your healing abilities more profound? Well, first of all, let's discuss what's actually happening. Some of you have stopped your healing work because things aren't working the way they used to. There's often a question, in this new energy: "Will my past healing modalities still work?" The answer is yes - in fact you will, by intuition, be able to use them even better than before - but there is some advice also. The first is this: It's time to do something that not all of you are doing: Practice mastery! If you're going to be the vessel for balance, be balanced! Gone are the days when the healers can have the information and the knowledge, open the book, do the work, then go on and do whatever they choose with their own bodies. For the first time I'm going to tell you that your healing abilities will be connected to the work you're doing on yourselves - physically and spiritually.

You are a pure vessel for balancing others, and that's going to be "seen" at the cellular level by those you work on or advise. And if you want to stop a healing practice immediately, then I'll tell you it's easy. All you have to do, healer, is become unbalanced and everything will grind to a halt. And it didn't used to be that way.

Healer, in the old energy, the principles worked no matter what you did when you were alone. Over and over you may have put the crystals or needles in the right place, or created the correct colors and practiced the ancient ways. Perhaps you would visualize the right symbols and give the correct energy focus. Then you might get a healing in front of you! Not anymore.

So here's the advice: Tune yourselves up! Do you have a habit that's killing your own cells? And you think you can hide that from the one you're working on? In the old days, yes. But since the Venus Transit, no. Remember, the attributes of the Venus Transit are a balance of masculine and feminine. Part of that balance was a creation of intuition abilities at the cellular level for Humanity. It's starting to work, and that's why so many are "awakening." The Human body is no longer "unaware" of what's around it, or what's happening to it. It's starting to react to frequencies of consciousness, and that's often you. That's number one.

Now the second one also has to do with tuning. The frequency of your reality has changed. Oh, your healing modalities will still work, but they're going to begin to fall flat unless you start searching for the new frequency where they will be activated. We know this isn't 3D information and is difficult to describe. So think of it like this: Your favorite radio station has increased its power and is slowly changing to a new place on the dial [a new frequency of transmission]. If you keep the dial set at the old frequency, gradually it's going to go away. Pretty soon there will be no music and you're going to have to reach down and turn the dial and actively search. "Where's the new channel?" You might ask.

It's not a mystery where the frequency is going, but don't let this take you by surprise after the fact. Flow with it now. If you're aware of this, you'll receive the information intuitively and gradually. But you must understand the premise. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow unless you tune up yourself and also find the new frequency that everything is shifting to. Now, we speak metaphorically and generally. The reason we do this is that it's impossible to communicate each detail of the many attributes facing each of you personally. So we give the overview. But healer, you know what I speak of.

Perhaps you've discovered a premise and you've worked with it for a long time? You've done scientific research - perhaps you've even proved it in your own healing parlor. Now it starts to evade you. Things aren't working quite as well, and you might say, "Well, that's because the population is no longer as receptive. They're denser now." No, they're not! It's the opposite. It's time for you to make a shift. The population has been given new tools and they're starting to awaken and know the difference.

Interact with your patients in a specific way: Ask them if they give permission for a healing that day. Don't let a situation take place where they come to you thinking you're going to do something for them where they simply lay on the table and you supply magic, then they leave. No - instead make them participate in the process.

Before they ever lie down, look upon them - look in their eyes and ask them if they give permission for their own cellular structure to change. It has to do with intent. Perhaps you might say, "Do you give permission today to have your DNA changed?" Make them verbalize yes or no. Of course they'll say yes. After all, they probably paid to be there. But just the sound in the air when their own body hears that they're giving permission sets the stage for their own healing. If you want to carry it a little further, you might even ask them the second question: "Do you understand that only you are responsible for what takes place in your body?" Now they've got to think a little. "Yes," they may say. Then do your work. This is profound, healer. You need to understand that it's part of the package of healing... truly part of the package. Make them responsible with you, and as a team, do your work. And here's something we recently have mentioned, but never in channel: We know a secret about healers - one that even they won't admit. You see, when they're alone and nobody's looking, and they can think about all the things that are going on, many of them feel guilty. They're feeling guilty about the ones they couldn't help - the ones that they couldn't heal. Their self-worth suffers due to it!

Healers are Lightworkers who literally have the gift of touching people physically and energetically and helping them in their lives, yet when they're alone, they feel so small. They often wonder whether they're doing any good on the planet. Oh, they know better at some level, but in 3D they suffer from negative self-worth. Healer, if this is you, you've got about a trillion entities who want to put their arms around you right now and say, "You have no idea how you're helping the planet!"

Did you know, dear one, that when a Human gets off your table, and this person has had an improvement in their biology, it actually changes Gaia? Did you know that? Did you know that every step you take with integrity and spiritual awareness helps Gaia? Say you may make a trip to the store and on the way you make a little prayer. You've helped the planet! Yet you feel so ordinary and you wonder whether you're doing anything. Let us take a moment to dance and to celebrate you! For the veil keeps you from seeing your own results!

Imagine walking through fertile lands for years. Everywhere you go, you plant seeds. These seeds are planted automatically, because wherever you step, your very presence leaves them. Years pass and you sit at home wondering if you've done anything at all for planet Earth. You agonize over your seeming nothingness since you never get to return to the place where you walked and take a look. If you could see it, you'd see forests and giant plants, spectacular flowering fields, all with your name on them. Such is the way it works when you're in duality


Don’t take responsibility for those who do not heal. Don’t take responsibility for those who DO. Celebrate those who heal, cry over the ones that don’t, but don’t take responsibility for anything but the integrity of the energy you put out. Shine the light and stay in place ~ Kryon

Our Manifesting Skills are Accelerating

Our challenge is not to learn to manifest
- for we are all masters of the art -
but to have a greater discernment
over that which we are already manifesting

Everyone who has been working diligently with the Intention Process, the Law of Attraction, the Laws of Manifestation, or whatever you choose to call it, is finding that their manifesting skills are bearing fruit in seemingly miraculous ways. What this means is that those who are consciously giving a direction to their days, who are turning their doubts and unwanted thoughts around, who are grateful for their experiences, who are truly intending to serve others, who are doing what they love to do, who are lining up with the Highest Good, and who are trusting and open to receive will be receiving with much greater ease and much less effort than ever before. It's as if the doors to our greatest happiness and all that we have worked for are opening, never to close again.

This is the time we have been waiting for. The Lightworkers are coming into their power, and, from this point on, there is no stopping the forward movement that is taking us to our highest calling. As more and more of us shine our lights and set our examples of happiness, peace, and fulfillment for others to see, all of humanity begins to sit up and take notice. Indeed, we stand at the threshold of glory, our next step firmly establishing our limitless creativity.

For those who are new to the Laws of Manifestation, know this: with each day that you continue to let go of the old ways that have tied you to the mainstream status quo, you will be blessed. Influences that used to frighten or upset you shall no longer affect you as before. You will no longer be giving your power away to others who couldn't care less about you because you will have begun to realize that your internal world - what you think and how you feel - need not be dependent upon what is going on outside of you. The constant media hype, as well as its reinforcement by your unawakened friends, is put in its rightful place along with all the other excess baggage you've let go of. Your power and your inner peace take precedence now, instead of your reliance upon outside forces and farces.

A word to the wise must be noted here: Those around you who are not choosing to explore their highest potentials and have not begun to familiarize themselves with the Laws of Manifestation are in for some challenging times. Since they have aligned themselves so closely with the mainstream matrix and all of its trappings, they will be having to deal with greater and greater states of discomfort, and you will see this all around you. It is for you, however, to retain your poise and remain uplifted no matter what is going on in your external world. That is how you set an example for others to follow. That is your job in these most challenging of times: to stay positive, to shine your light, to bring others up to where you are.

And so . . . this is the year we graduate. No more wallowing around in the darkness and dramas. The door is opening, we are opening, and the light is pouring in. All that we asked for is coming to us. We've worked hard to hold the light, and now gifts are being given. This is your time. Congratulations are in order. You deserve it. You deserve it All.
You are learning that once you intend something, and it is in your highest and best good, it will make itself available to you.
If, however, you are still believing in fear or suffering more than you believe in the highest good, you will be experiencing more of that.

From The Code

How Much Greater We Are, Than We Think We Are

There are three main things that can interfere with the manifestation of our intentions. 

1.  The "yet" factor, which calls on us to remember that just because something hasn't manifested yet doesn't mean that it's not going to manifest

2.  The Highest Good factor which asks us to understand that the Universe knows better for us than we know for ourselves. Sometimes it's just not in our Highest Good - or the Highest Good of others involved - for our intention to manifest

3.  Doubt

There is a old story about the Knower and the Novice that best explains how to deal with our doubts. When the Novice makes an intention and then, soon after, is faced with doubt or resistance, he tends to buy into the doubts. These doubts can be thoughts coming from inside him that tell him that he can't have, or doesn't deserve, or can't afford whatever it is that he's intended to manifest. Similarly, these doubts can also come from his outside environment in the form of well meaning friends or business advisors who say that he couldn't possibly manifest his desires. As the Novice buys into the doubts, regardless of their source, he sabotages his experience, loses trust in the Laws of Manifestation, and stops his forward movement.

The Knower is a different story. When the Knower is confronted with doubts or resistances, instead of believing in them, he ignores them and continues moving forward. He understands that the Intention Process always works - that we are all grand Creators, capable of great things - and all we have to do is trust that when we hold onto a thought that it will manifest for us. We may not know when or where. We just know that it will.

From The Intenders of the Highest Good

Greetings From Home a channeling

The Rewire Will Activate Sacred Contracts

We tell you that the energy of Home is here now.  You have summoned it here to be around you every step of the way.  It is yours because you set your intent for it to happen and now it is yours this day.  Most of you still have difficulties seeing yourself living in your passion and doing something that you love to do each day.  But we tell you that in most cases you already have a part of it in your lives right now.  Sometimes it is what you do for a living or maybe just a part of what you do each day.  Sometimes it is something that you get to do once in a while.  Whatever it is that defines your passion, that is the part that will define your sacred contract and that is here right now.  That is the part that you came here to do--that is your unique contract.  No one else can do that contract the same way that you can.  That is your unique way of bringing Heaven and the vibrations of Home to Earth for you to walk in every day.  The magic is yours.

We have spoken of the great rewiring taking place with all of humanity right now.  You can only imagine the excitement on this side of the veil.  It is greater than you will ever know.  You believe that you are humans walking around trying to figure out what you will do for a living and how you will find a connection and how you will find love, for you believe that those things will define you. In reality, dear ones, you could not fail if you tried because there is so much energy around every moment of every day.  It is incredible to see from our perspective how you gather all the energy of who you are from the many dimensions in which you exist; it all comes together at your beckoning the moment you smile, the moment you bring that energy from Home and the moment you carry the soul confidence that is rightfully yours.  That is how you bring Heaven to Earth.

Woo-Woo Science Leads the Way

Many of you are leaders, teachers and healers…and we are going to speak to those this day.  All of humanity is going through a drastic change.  That change is not something that is limited to these rooms.  Nor is it limited to a vibrational level or a label such as ‘metaphysical.’  It is affecting all of Earth.  We think that it is humorous that you will bring forth information ahead of the game in the metaphysical arena or in something that is “out there” like channeling.  It is what the Keeper calls “woo-woo science”.  He is now very proud to be woo-woo.  Yet it does not change the fact that because valuable information often comes in those areas it is often discarded due to the misunderstood nature of divine guidance.  But only a short time later it appears in the scientific magazines as a new theory that explains the unexplainable.  Keep in mind that humans fear the unknown, and because the source of the information is unsubstantiated by human sciences it is discarded by the majority of humans until it is re-introduced by a “substantiated” source.  That fear-based pattern is beginning to change as the evolution of humanity unfolds.  We also tell you that soon science will begin to grasp that which many of you have learned to trust in your own hearts.  Science will soon reveal that all of humanity is in an unprecedented spiral of human evolution, and furthermore it will reveal that human biology is changing right now.  You are shifting at an astounding rate.  Due to the rewiring process, humanity is evolving on a biological level that was not even expected. 

Moving the Camera of Life for the Best View

You think of us as angels in Heaven having this great dimensional attribute.  It is as if we wear some sort of badge that somehow makes us better than you.  That is not the case, dear ones, as we are all equal and in fact we are all actually a part of each other.
Imagine our side of the veil when you were all Home and all a part of us when the game of free choice began.  It was decided that the Game would begin and you said, “OK, we are going to take this game to the year 2000 and we will have a closure right about here to give finality to it.”  You are finite beings, so it was necessary for you to have a closure.  Then you went in and played the game.  Can you imagine the excitement on our side of the veil when Earth passed that final date? You passed the exit point of planet Earth.  That creates some wonderful possibilities for you as well as some difficulties.   

We are going to speak of both now, because they are actually the same events.  They are simply seen from different points of perception.  We tell you that there are three cameras here in this studio.  [They pointed to the three cameras sending out the VirtualLight broadcast.]  And if you ever wish to change your reality, all you have to do is to change cameras.  When you change the angle from which you view something, you change the way it appears to you and therefore you change your reality.  Most humans are not aware of that; you are so accustomed to placing your camera in one spot and never moving it again.  But we tell you, it does move.  If at any point you are not happy with the reality you have created in your life or in any form, all that you need to do is to pick your camera up and move it to a better angle from which to view life; it alters your perception.  Change your perception and you change your reality that fast [snapping fingers]. And now it is more possible than ever before, and we ask you to begin playing with this, as you are the leaders. 

Disciples of the Light

You are the ones who have chosen to go through many of these external changes in your being in order to open the door for other people.  You are the ones we call the disciples of the Light.  You are the ones who have specifically chosen to be here at the forefront of the change.  And even though you may never get credit for your real work, and you may get labeled as 'woo-woo', you are the ones who have chosen to hold the light and the energy for all of the rest.  So if you can imagine a dark room where everyone is trying to find the door out, you are the one holding the flashlight.  It is not that you show people how to do things or tell people what to do or which way to turn; it is that you can show others their options.  That is what we do on this side of the veil.  That is why we call this an OverLight process.  We no longer come into your world to intercede in your game in the old forms of angelic intervention to show you the ‘right’ way or the ‘wrong’ way.  The whole illusion of polarity of right and wrong and good and bad, love and fear, black and white, up and down are all illusions anyway and you no longer need those illusions.  There is no black or white; they are all shades of grey.  You now define your own perception and reality, and if at any point you are not happy with it, please have the courage to change the camera angle from which you view it. 

Physical Changes Ahead

We wish to speak today about human biology in this shift, because biology is changing rapidly and that will have a wide variety of effects on all of humanity.  We have spoken of the rewire process and the fact that if that process is interrupted it can have an effect on the body with energy disconnections.  This has been labeled by your sciences as Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia; we simply call them energy disorders.  The energetic wiring of your human brain is changing right now.  The way the synaptic pathways communicate in the human brain is changing.  It may be years before medical science validates that this is happening, partly because they knew very little about the manner in which they communicated before the change began.  Even so, here in the woo-woo world we will say it now.  Humanity is evolving right before your changing eyes.   That change is beautiful and yet, it will cause challenges for humans.

Sleeplessness and Sleep Changes

You will see more people with sleeplessness, with changes in sleep patterns and the use of sleep time, than ever before on this planet.  Why is that?  And why does that have to be a part of the change?  It does not have to be a part of the change, dear ones. We also remind you to hold your own power at this juncture and do not listen to every word we say.  Do not think that you must have problems with sleep to be one of the chosen ones.  Dear ones, you ARE CHOSEN.  You are here, you are sitting in these seats, you are watching this program, you are reading these words and you have chosen to be harbingers of the Light.  You are the ones who will take this to the next level whether you have sleep problems or whether you help your neighbor with theirs. Much of this is because you are becoming multidimensional and you are starting to experience other dimensions of time and space.  Due to that, your own understanding of dimensional reality will change. 

One of the biggest dimensional shifts humans experience is the dimension you call sleep.  In fact, many of you who do not consider yourselves to be healers will find that you may wake up exhausted rather than rested.  If you are not doing the work of your heart in your waking hours, then when you go to sleep a little bell goes off in another dimension and it signals that “the doctor is now in.”  You then start healing with the long line of people that awaits you and you wake up the next morning and cannot figure out why you are exhausted.  You will also find that many people will begin to wake at odd hours more than ever before.   It may be years before medical science collects enough data to prove this out, but watch for it now, for you are the ones who have dedicated yourselves to helping people make this shift.  That means shining your light, for that makes the fear go away. You are the disciples of the Light. 

We have spoken before of the 3am club where people begin to awaken at 3am.  This is actually the beginning of a normal sleep pattern that you will experience in the future.  We call it the triad of sleep, where you will generally sleep for three hours, wake for two and then return to sleep for three more hours.  This gives people two hours of wakefulness that they do not know what to do with.  These two hours are very special, as you are in an enhanced state of creation during these hours.  In fact, you are in an altered dimensional state during these two hours.  Now the time lag is gone anyway, but during these two hours, what you hold in your thoughts will become your reality very quickly.  During that special time, allow yourself to hold only those thoughts that add to you in some way.  You have no control over the thoughts that enter your mind.  You do have complete control over which thoughts you allow to stay in your brain.  Do not worry about keeping all negative thoughts from your mind.  Let them go through, as they are a needed part of your human experience.  Just know that they can travel through your mind without attaching, and choose to hold and keep only the thoughts that add to you in some way—and do not judge yourself for having difficult or negative thoughts.   Exercise that control during these two hours of creating.

The New 3am Club

Understand that during the rewiring process these times and hours may change a lot as the 3am club becomes the 4:45am club and then back again over the adjustment period of the next fifty years.  In the days ahead there will be people waking at all hours trying to understand what is happening and thinking that something is “wrong.”   That thought alone can create much difficulty on planet Earth.  This is a normal process of human evolution.

Vivid and Negative Dreams

You will also have very vivid and sometimes negative dreams.  Some of you will awaken with nightmares.  This is a natural balancing process that balances your energy.  Many of you spend your entire day dancing in positive energy, ignoring what we call the dark side.  There is a beautiful dark side to each of you.  In that case you may have an energy-balancing dream where you have a very vivid negative dream which will simply help to balance your energy. The majority of time you will not remember these dreams but will awaken with a shaken-up feeling.  Sometimes you will remember them and they may shake you.  As the rewiring continues, these dreams will become very special experiences.  So if you are having them, rather than questioning what is wrong, just smile and know that it means you are experiencing enough positive energy to need balancing in the first place.   This balancing has been happening since the beginning of the game; yet, with this rewiring of humanity going on, these occurrences may grow more frequent and more dramatic.   

Headaches and Dizziness

As this rewiring takes place many people will experience unexplained headaches or dizziness that they never had before.  As your brain starts to rewire itself you will experience symptoms in the head that are new to you.  Please know that this is a normal state of evolution and there is nothing to fear.   We ask you always to release your fears with physical symptoms.  Never hold them back or try to deny them, as that makes them grow as they attract all sorts of energy.  If you wish to be masters of your own thoughts then fill in the vacuum. Go see a doctor if you are worried in any way.  If the sciences deny valuable information by not honoring divine guidance and intuition, please do not make the same mistake and not go to a doctor just because they are not metaphysical.  Use and honor all flavors of the truth and then choose the best camera angle that is presented with all of them.  Blend the physical and the metaphysical sciences, for that is where the real magic lies.  If the doctor comes back and says that he or she cannot find anything wrong then you will know that it is the evolutionary path that we speak of.   Then you can enjoy the journey without the fear.

Respiratory System Changes and Challenges

We will also mention that many people will have uncommon or unexplained respiratory system changes and challenges.  Over the next five years this will be huge on this planet.  Medical sciences have no real way of assimilating or collecting data on undiagnosed illnesses.   There is no real way to collect this data until there is a name with which you can label a set of symptoms.  At times humans have even made up diseases so that they can categorize symptoms and changes in humanity.  In fact, this was the origin of the disorders you call ADD and ADHD.  These symptoms brought in with the Indigo children have been on Earth for a rather long time, yet now that you have names and labels for them you see huge increases in the disease.  We tell you that this will also happen with the respiratory challenges that will soon face the majority of humanity.  Your relationship to your breath will change.  As these changes happen within the physiology many of you will see these as difficulties and vulnerabilities, as allergies, as colds, but as allergies and colds that do not follow a normal path.   Again, know that this, too, shall pass and you will be perfectly alright. It is an evolutionary process that will calm down when your new wiring is adapted in the physical form.  Do not think that you have done something wrong just because you have a cold.  Just know that it is part of your rewiring process and allow the evolution to proceed with joy and Kleenex.  Enjoy the ride… and if you have to spend a day in bed then enjoy the day in bed.

Most of you will find that as the rewiring progresses, your patterns will change as the rewiring is assimilated.   Also understand that not all of these changes will produce negative results.  It could be that you have always had allergies during the summer months and suddenly they cease to bother you.  Not all will be negative; some will be positive.  Also, know that from our side of the veil we do not see a difference in these.  To us they are simply changes.

Multidimentionality and Autism

We have said many times that as you evolve and some of these events begin to unfold, one of the big pieces that will take place for you is a new understanding of multidimensionality.  You are becoming multidimensional beings, and some of the disorders that humans have categorized around that will be understood.  One of these in particular is Autism.  We have defined autism as a multidimensional person who lives with one foot in two worlds.  Most of the time the autistic child cannot find their way back to the world in which you know them to be autistic.  In fact, they may exist more in the other world than they do in the one you call your daily life. That is a very frustrating experience for a soul to have.  Yet, much can be accomplished through this.  So even though it is not an illness or anything that is “wrong,” much of what you can learn through the beauty of autism is that there is a huge gift in learning multidimensionality.  The biggest challenge that a person with autism experiences is the frustration and eventually anger that he or she feels.  They have so much information coming in that they cannot fully interpret it.  Those of you who are not autistic have filters in place that allow you to only see and experience the information and vibrations within your own reality.  Autistic people have these filters removed, and they have a difficult time assimilating all of the information to be able to see things they same way you see them.  We also tell you that this is beginning to change.  Due to your own dimensional shift and opening to multidimensionality with the rewiring process now underway you will begin to find transformational tools, what we call translation tools, that will help you translate communications to people in other dimensions.  This will finally unlock much of the mystery of the condition of autism.  Watch for this.  Again, the tools will be labeled differently from how we just described, as they will come from non-woo-woo sciences, but new tools for understanding autism are on the horizon. 

Some of these tools have even been here for a long time, yet they have not been understood as of yet…like the person who works with autistic children who wears a crystal every day because he knows that the child cannot talk to him but can talk to the crystal.  The autistic child can talk through the crystal because it is a translation device.  They can speak to the crystal because the crystal can be used as a translation device because it exists in multiple dimensions itself, and can therefore reach fully into their dimension as well as yours.  Please know that not all crystals can be used to reach autistic children, but ones of the correct vibration have been used for this purpose.  This is similar to the fact that most autistic children can communicate with some animals and particularly with those we know to be multidimensional, such as dolphins.  It is not possible to have a pet dolphin in your home so that you can communicate with an autistic child, but understand that there are translation devices that already exist and have for some time.  This will now start to happen with other forms as well.  Some will be objects and some will be living, multidimensional forms of life.  Some will be the new biology, and we tell you that there will be gifted children who will come along very soon who will help to translate and understand the gift of autism

When these children begin to evolve do not fear them.  Know how they are and know that the gifts they carry are to be carried by all humans as the evolution continues.  See them for the possibilities that they hold.  

You are the disciples of the Light.  You are the holders of the flashlight, dear ones, and when people fall into fear with the changes ahead, you are the ones who can make a difference.  This is the enactment of your sacred contract.  All humanity is going through a rewiring process at this time on Earth.  The human animal is shifting into higher vibrations. It is also no secret to say that is one point that will cause fear on your planet.  Very simply, humans are afraid of change.   That is why you are here, dear ones.   That is what will call you into action, for you are the disciples of the Light.  You understand.  You have dedicated yourself to holding the flashlight for the highest outcome without trying to point the exact way or to tell anyone which way to turn or what to do; you just shine that light so that all may see.  That is the greatest sacred contract for many of you and it is here this day. 

Digestive System, Gastrointestinal Tract

The last physical issue we wish to address is that there are major changes in the digestive tracts of humans as the changes to biology begin.  Please know that humans only see things when they are negative and they become problems.  That is why the news is almost always negative in nature.  No one would watch if you had a “good news” channel.  It is simply human nature.  Just know that although most of these changes will be brought to your attention in the negative, they are happening in the positive as well.   Changes to the human digestive tracts will cause a wide variety of symptoms in the near future.  Know that if you are experiencing these, that even though you may be having difficulties, you also may be one of the first to take a higher vibrational physical body.  Be patient and don’t forget to breathe; this, too, shall pass.


With all of the physical changes taking place the emotions are all over the board, dear ones.  There will be depression on this planet like never before and there will be many who go inward with the creative energy rather than outward.  We tell you that repression of energy is the greatest problem you have on this planet.  You are god and repressing any part of that will create problems in the physical and emotional bodies.  It always has, and yet now humans will be even more sensitive to that than ever before. You can personally make a difference there.  Take that as a call, dear ones –a call to action, for that is where you can make a difference first.   Help people to move that creative energy outward rather than inward.  You are here to shine your light.  And whether that is working with your next door neighbor or teaching thousands of people is up to you.  We will never tell you which way to turn, but we can say that you hold the key and you are a disciple of the Light. You have dedicated yourself to the study and use of Light for many lifetimes and that is why we call you the disciples of the Light.  You are the ones who can help people to pick up their camera and find the best angle.  You are the New Family of Light and you came in with the greatest hope that humanity would make it to the point that it is right now.  You are being called to action.  There will be no more closet Lightworkers.  

We now leave you with three simple reminders: 

1. Treat each other with respect

2. Nurture one another and 

3. Play well together

© 2006 Lightworker .  

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